Internal & External Application Solutions

Cloud-based applications offer scalability and flexibility for businesses of any size. Our team of software programmers and technology professionals create customized applications for internal or external facing solutions that are managed by a cloud server. A custom application gives your business everything it needs to operate smoothly whether in the office or remotely. Cloud-based applications offer solutions that are cost-effective, accessible on any device, and consistent for front-end and back-end users.

Faster Development with Open-Source Cloud-Based Applications

Open source applications are sustainably housed in cloud environments that allow our development teams to recycle and modify code for the use of common functionality. Rather than a development team having to re-create all of these functions, open-source code can be used, adapted, and fit into the new project environment. Open source code also allows developers to focus their time on the specific details of each project and use code already available in a global cloud network to save additional development time and money.

Benefits of Custom Cloud-Based Applications

  • Affordable on any company level

  • Improved collaboration for easy data sharing

  • Regular automatic software updates

  • Increased data security

  • Disaster recovery & offsite backup

  • Improved data analytics

  • Scalable to adapt to your company’s needs, size and growth rate

  • Accessible on any device including laptops, tablets & smartphones

  • Increased flexibility with Cloud-Based servers

Case Study


The LTC development team worked with BackChart to develop a comprehensive application that streamlines everyday tasks for the entire chiropractic office.

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