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A mobile app is a software application developed for different operating systems (iOS, Android, and Windows) that can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet. They are user-friendly and do not depend on internet access. Many operations in an app can be accessed while in airplane mode or offline. The best mobile apps are not complex, have a shallow depth of navigation, and a great user experience. This makes custom mobile apps perfect for pushing a new product to market, competing in your industry or optimizing an internal or external process. A mobile app is also a great way for tech-savvy customers to interact directly with your business.

Mobile Applications for your Business

Many B2B companies are leveraging the convenience and simplicity of app development to manage processes previously done on software. For example, many sales teams are using apps to remain mobile, report sales numbers, and focus their time and energy on their clients rather than behind a desk. The power of mobile apps for your business lies in the value of functionality and user experience.

Benefits of Mobile Applications

  • Meet your clients and business on any smart device.  The continued rise in mobile use is affecting the amount of time consumers are spending on native applications as compared to searches within browsers.

  • Give your business and customers access to a specific app function. E-commerce, ordering, banking, personal or business account details, and appointment setting are just a few of the functions that drive both app use and customer retention.

  • Take advantage of offline availability for your team and customers. Many operations in an app can be accessed while in airplane mode or offline so as not to limit the application’s function.

Case Study

Peerless Chain Tire Finder

The LTC development team worked with Peerless chain to develop a comprehensive chain finder mobile application. This app lets customers, Peerless employees and parts stores alike quickly search and located chains for specific tires.

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